MLS v. West Ham – 1st Half

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a live blog, but I’ll be watching the game and making comments throughout.

– They’re reporting that Kenny Cooper is going to sign away from FC Dallas with Rosenborg in Norway.

– The MLS uniforms are awful. Completely black shirts and royal blue shorts. I do like that they don’t have a cheesy logo on the front but a Pepsi sponsorship. Not that West Ham looks all that sharp either in the baby blue on baby blue.

– Never realized how much Dean Ashton is balding, and he’s not even 25.

– These games are always a little bit choppy as the MLS guys are playing with non-teammates while the English sides are only in their third week of training and are pretty rusty.

– Beckham sends a nice cross in for Cooper in the sixth minute, deflected away but good sign early for the MLS boys.

– Ashton completely shoves Hejduk out of the way, good slow-mo replay shows his Scott Murr-style bald spot.

– First West Ham corner, streamers everywhere, in the Toronto fashion. Faubert has to spend a good 15 second kicking streamers out of the way.

– Cooper launches a long, speculative shot but pretty nice footwork, got himself a clean shot.

– Toronto crowd hasn’t been too rowdy at this point, though in their defense, it’s not the home team.

– Announcement that Donovan and and Angel will be 2nd half replacements. Right on cue, the crowd starts chanting, ‘we want Landon.’

– Not much happening at about the twenty minute mark, neither team has really put much together. Wild touches for each team.

– Ridiculously athletic shot attempt by Cooper in the box just misses as he’s being pulled down after a beautiful lob pass from Christian Gomez.

– More streamers as Beckham sends a corner that almost gets a goal for MLS.

– Can’t say I’m very impressed with West Ham at the point, though of course they weren’t all that great in the Premiership last year, finishing tenth.

– Ashton launches his first shot, quite high over the goal.

– West Ham doing a lot of dribbling, something you just can’t get away with in England.

– Ashton gets a great lead flick-on between two defenders, runs in behind it and scores past Reis.

– Less than one minute later, Gomez rockets a shot from the right after a back-heel from Blanco to tie the score at one. Amazing how fast that came. Beckham-Blanco-Gomez is a pretty good sequence.

– It’s too bad that Craig Bellamy isn’t playing for the Hammers. Not quite the best side West Ham could put out against the All-Stars.

– This stadium really is great, as mentioned the other day by The Stormy Present. Totally sold out, built for soccer, skyline in the background. Doesn’t get any better than that in this part of the world.

– Cole sends a header toward goal but it’s saved by Reis. First time Cole has really been in on the action in front of goal.

– This game definitely has a weird flow and I think the playing surface has something to do with it. There have been a bunch of weird touches and balls bouncing differently than it seems the players are expecting. The fake grass just doesn’t really do it for me, especially since it rained earlier.

– Cooper has had more touches than anyone else but he just can’t get a clean touch.

– Blanco earns a free kick just outside the box. Beckham should take this, right? JP Dellecamera is saying that Blanco might take it, but he’s got to just be plugging the league. This is why Beckham is in MLS.

– After taking 45 seconds to actually take the kick, Beckham’s shot looked good but was headed off the line to the dismay of the crowd (and probably ESPN).

– Really stupid food segment with Rob Stone. Bites into corn-on-the-cob only to spit it immediately out. Then he picks up a sandwich, drops it and says “God dang that’s hot.” Nice.

– Toja completely biffs a ball inside the box. Also, they’re saying Toja might be signing with a club in Bucharest, though unnamed to this point.

– Blanco chips a shot into the far right corner! Really energized the crowd just before half, 2-1 MLS.

– Lucas Neill talking some shite to someone, unclear who. He looks mean.

– Ashton looks like he’s wearing a full-body suit with long sleeves and tights or something, all the same color.

– Half-time, 2-1 MLS…


One Response to MLS v. West Ham – 1st Half

  1. Trey says:

    I like the quasi live blog idea. The second MLS goal was great. That’s a microcosim of how goals get scored in the MLS and Western Hemisphere. Screw the European crosses into the box from the wings!

    Anyway, I am a little bummed that all we could get is West Ham. Why not the Spurs or someone a little closer to the top of the stands? Oh well.

    Another quesiton, why throw streamers on Beckham? He’s playing for the home side isn’t he. I mean I know he’s not a Toronto guy, but what the hell, why distract the team you want to win?

    Last thought for now, HOLD ON, Ashton just score the worst goal he’s ever scored. Off a guys head. B.S. Oh, and now a PK. Sweet. Anyway, I forgot my question now. Be back with more later I guess. 3-2 MLS!!!

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