Teixeira Follows Earthquake to LAA


Complements of Aje.com, we see that Mark Teixeira has been traded again, this time to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California, where a 5.4 earthquake hit today. Having been rumored to be on the block for several days now, and assumed for quite a bit longer, this comes as no surprise. Though I’ve got to say I didn’t really expect the Angels to be big players before the trade deadline. They already hold the best record in baseball and already hold one of the best power hitters in the league in Vlad Guerrero. But they make the deal and have to be considered a legit contender for the AL crown.

Both Boston and Tampa have shown serious cracks on the road and who knows, Manny Ramirez might get traded to the Mets before the week is done. The leaders of the Central are the White Sox and Twins, both of whom are good stories since they weren’t supposed to be that great (especially the Twinkies after losing Torii Hunter and Johan Santana), but are not actually challengers I don’t think.

The Braves have probably filled their quota with this big trade and we can probably expect Trey to come back down from the ledge of a really tall building since Jeff Francoeur doesn’t appear to be on the block anymore. They do need to get some younger pitching, and since they got Stephen Marek, who I understand to be at least a decent prospect, they’ve helped in that regard. Sitting seven games under .500 at this point, below even the Marlins, Atlanta has no hope this year and can go ahead and start planning for 2009. So, I guess I applaud the trade since they get something for Tex, instead of nothing. Though it did cost them five prospects last year to get him, so maybe it ends up being a bigger loss than win. They didn’t make the playoffs in 2007 and essentially they traded five prospects for Casey Kotchman and a AA pitcher.

Prizz, Trey: thoughts?


4 Responses to Teixeira Follows Earthquake to LAA

  1. Prizz says:

    More later, but this is as low a point that the Braves have been at since ’91. Trade had to happen though.

  2. Trey says:

    Yeah, this is truly the lowest point they’ve been at since I’ve been old enough to have memories. In hindsight, you would’ve kept that Elvis guy that plays short stop and made Jarrod “Salty” play first base instead of making the Teixeira trade. But I’ll cut Frank Wren some slack because he didn’t make that trade and as it turns out it was a bad one since they gave up Elvis, Salty, and 3 other quality prospects.

    On the bright side, Kotchman is pretty good, underrated actually. And he is under contract for another year or two I believe and I know he is much cheaper than Tex so they can save that money to resign people. Still, outside of Campillo and Jurrjens they don’t have much young pitching talent. My understanding is that Marek is average at best. So he may never be anything more than a 4 or 5th starter in the majors. But you had to ditch Tex, so overall I’d rate the trade at a C+

  3. Prizz says:

    Yeah, with the market for Tex being what it was, C+ might have been the ceiling for any trade. This off-season will really be Wren’s proving ground. With Tex off the books, Hampton eligible to be bought out of the last year of his contract at 20 mil ( I believe the Rockies are on the hook for the buyout, but I am not 100% on that), and the successful avoidance of resigning Andruw Jones, the Braves should have a significant amount of flexibility. Plus, Wren already has one feather in his cap after absolutely fleecing the Tigers last winter, getting a guy who looks a #1/#2 starter (Jurrjens), plus a highly rated outfield prospect (Gorkys Hernandez) for a deteriorating Edgar Renteria.

  4. Trey says:

    Yeah, C+ was the ceiling. And I like Kotchman. The real question for Wren, in my eyes, is how he builds the team for the future. If he re-signs McCann, Francoeur, Kelly Johnson, and Yunel Escobar then I’ll be extremely happy. And given that he did rob the Tigers who apparently didn’t realize that Renteria didn’t even play during the last week of the season last year because the Braves saw something wrong with him.

    Anyway, here’s my solution. If ownwership is sticking to the 80 million self imposed salary cap, then resign the guys I mentioned, sign young pitchers, ditch Kotsay and start using the young outfielders that are in the minors (schaffer, jones, hernandez). Find the two that can play in the majors right away and trade the other one. Then convince ownership to allow for a one year exemption on the 80 million max to resign glavine and/or smoltz for a final one year contract.

    The result is a team that is young, under the 80 million max except for glavine and smoltz who give you a chance to win right away and if they get hurt again, no big deal bc you’v built a young team that will succeed in the near future.

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