Valdosta, Georgia – TitleTown USA

Valdosta MapYet another idea backfires in the face of ESPN as Valdosta, Georgia walked away with their TitleTown USA prize. What a joke. Most people have either never heard of Valdosta or never heard anything good about it.

ESPN had to be hoping that Green Bay or Boston would win. Turns out the top five included Massillon, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia as well. Shows what happens when you have internet voting. Whole communities turn out to vote in their towns and ESPN ends up with a ridiculous contest result.


9 Responses to Valdosta, Georgia – TitleTown USA

  1. bwright08 says:

    I saw that this morning. What the hell is in Valdosta?

  2. mao says:

    High school football. And Valdosta State Univ. In other words, nothing.

  3. So I took some time off of work last week and stopped by a summer camp a friend is running. I talked to this 9-year-old kid and during the conversation, the little boy brings up this ridiculous titletown debate.

    The little boy says, “It’s weird because they had this town called Parkersburg on ESPN the other day. What the hell is Parkersburg?”

  4. mao says:

    Haha, that is terrific. I’d only heard of Parkersburg because of an Essential Air Service request I had to deal with for work, haha.

    It was a stupid thing they were doing in the first place and the fact that these small places made it in the top 5 makes it that much worse.

  5. #1VldFan says:

    What can I say . . . do you think YOU have to know where some place is and it has to have a population of 10 billion for it to be an important place to live? It is, after all, right there on the map just like all the rest of the cities in this nation – big or small! Just because it’s smaller and you’ve never heard of it does not mean it’s not deserving – it just simply means YOU’VE never heard of it. I personally don’t know that much about Green Bay because I don’t really care to but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they haven’t deserved any of their past Title awards just because I’m geographically challenged!

  6. mao says:

    I know where Valdosta is and I’m well aware that the state government in Georgia has decided to focus on Valdosta State as an up and coming university in the public system. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably not what ESPN had in mind when they concocted this contest. I’m sure they didn’t expect the mayor and the governor to come out and encourage people to vote, distorting the numbers in favor of Valdosta.

    As for Green Bay, it hasn’t won any TitleTown awards before. It’s been known as Title Town USA since the Packers won NFL titles in the ’60s. This ESPN gimmick show was playing off of that nickname in Green Bay.

  7. steve collins says:

    Their probably small high school towns and programs that won because that is what these people have. They dont have pro football and baseball teams that spend millions upon millions of dollars to win a trophy. These are high schools that constantly win championships not in the hopes of signing a million dollar pitcher or wide receiver, but because thats what they do, win championships. If you all can sit there and try to knock down someone else because money wasn’t able to win you another championship then your small minded opinions are just that, small minded. Just accept the facts that nobody really cares about the fact that you’ve won a couple chaampionships, and spent more in one year than these schools have spent since their conception.

  8. mao says:

    Again, I’m not arguing that Valdosta doesn’t have a good tradition of winning championships. But the point of ESPN’s show was to give lip service to a bunch of small communities but have the ‘real’ TitleTown USA win the award. Since ESPN is based right in between New York and Boston, two huge PRO sports towns, most of what they do is in regards to pro sports. The fact that they even had Valdosta involved in the first place was simply so that people couldn’t complain that there were no small towns in the running.

    My point of this post was to say that when you open voting up on the internet, you get stupid results. It happens with All-Star game voting (ie, Yao Ming) all the time. It would be very easy for any community to win the award if every singe person in it voted online.

  9. VLD RESIDENT says:

    As a resident of Valdosta, I only think it fair that I have a say so. THINK ABOUT IT!!! There is only about 32 NFL Teams and over 1,000 high schools. VALDOSTA HIGH has won more games than any other football team in the US. We defintely deserved TITLETOWN.

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