Ben Gordon, Weighing his Options (and Exchange Rates)

Dollars and EurosBen Gordon freely admitted recently that he’s interested in playing in Europe because of the strength of the Euro as compared to the dollar right now. Gordon has not reached an agreement with the Bulls yet, and is a restricted free agent having turned down a $50 million extension offer before last season. While Gordon isn’t a superstar player, he did win an NCAA title with UCONN in 2004 and was the third overall pick by the Bulls that year. He’s led the team in scoring each of the last three years and would be by far the most important player to move to the Continent.

Chances are he’s using this as leverage, as Saša Vujačić just did with the Lakers, but it still is an interesting idea. Eventually a major player is going to make the jump to Europe and it’s really going to become mainstream news.


3 Responses to Ben Gordon, Weighing his Options (and Exchange Rates)

  1. Maybe his friends on the British National Team can help sway him?

  2. mao says:

    Well if he could get Pounds Sterling instead of even Euros, I’d have to encourage him to go. That’s literally 2:1 right now.

    And isn’t Eric Boateng the kid who went to Dook last year and rode the bench?

  3. Haha yeah. McDonald’s All-American, man.

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