Isn’t This Still 2008?

Josh SmithI thought the Grizzlies were supposedly waiting until next summer to try to make a big splash on the free agent scene. They cleared up tons of space by trading Pau Gasol and then letting Kwame Brown’s contract expire. They also traded Mike Miller and Kevin Love to Minnesota for OJ Mayo. The Griz were going to have a super young team, not good at all, and then have the most possible money available next year to try to land someone big.

So why did they just sign Josh Smith of the Hawks to a 5 year, $58 million offer sheet? Smith is a restricted free agent so the Hawks can match the deal and keep him in ATL. But still, isn’t this strange? If they weren’t going to wait for next year, why didn’t Memphis try for Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Baron Davis, or any other free agent out there? Why wait this long and then try to sign a pretty good player, but definitely not a mega-star, who is restricted anyway?

Seems Chris Wallace (not from Fox News, mind you) is screwing up yet another situation in Memphis. The only possible way this is good for them is if Atlanta resigns Smith for more than they were ever planning on giving him in the first place. But it’s not like Atlanta and Memphis are in the same division (or even conference). I don’t understand.


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