Explain This to Me

The USA basketball team has been lauded up one side and down the next for buying into the national team system created by Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski. Why is that noteworthy? This reminds me of the old Onion article “Ray Allen Lauded for Being Decent Human Being.” That obviously is a joke, but apparently USA basketball is not.

It should not be a big deal that the players on the national team would be interested in actually practicing together and spending time preparing for their games. This should be expected and it is what every other team in the world does every year. Can we please stop giving these guys congratulations for doing what’s expected of them?


2 Responses to Explain This to Me

  1. K-man says:

    For real. It seems like a lot of sports coverage fails to put things into perspective. “Doing what’s expected” always reminds me of this one story:

    A friend in college was part of a missionary trip. He was in charge of 10 HS kids. 2 of the HS kids got bumped off a flight and my friend decided to stay with those 2 kids. He gets home and tells this story like he was the second coming of Lancelot. Women eat it up.

    All the while, I’m like… isn’t that what you were hired to do? Why are you looking for a pat on the back?

  2. mao says:

    Perfect example. Doing what you’re supposed to should be expected, not lauded. Who lauds, anyway?

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