A Bolt Double (or even Treble)?

BoltHaving cruised to victory in his 200m semifinal, Usain Bolt is looking like a good bet to win the first 100m/200m double since Carl Lewis in 1984. And with the ueber-fast Jamaican track team this year, he might have a good shot at the 4x100m relay as well. Considering Bolt has yet to actually run a race all the way through, the chances of someone beating him are pretty slim. What if he breaks Michael Johnson’s twelve-year old 200 record of 19.32? He would have to enter the discussion as one of the great sprinters of all-time. We’ll have to wait and see.


6 Responses to A Bolt Double (or even Treble)?

  1. K-man says:

    Absolutely ridiculous 100M final. Nobody would call his start out of the blocks “pretty” but he managed to demolish everyone else.

    I was at a German bar in downtown Chicago when it happened. It was really funny because everyone watching it at the bar was slightly impressed but didn’t quite realize what Bolt had achieved.

    I was wigging out in my seat and some of my friends around me were giggling at his 9.69. People must’ve thought we were on drugs.

  2. mao says:

    Haha, that’s great. Yeah, that was pretty amazing, especially considering his song-and-dance as he crossed the line. I wasn’t able to watch it, unfortunately, but I’ll be tuning in for the 200m final.

  3. btpratt says:

    I agreed with Ato Boldon’s analysis: Bolt might have run 9.59 if he had run through the line. He clearly doesn’t give a damn about records though; he just likes winning and he had that part wrapped up at seventy meters. Outrageous.
    I wasn’t sure I would ever see anyone challenge Johnson’s time (remember #2 all time is Tyson Gay @ 19.62, a full .3), but I would not even be mildly surprised if Bolt takes it down. His massive stride, 400m background, and automobile-like top end speed would actually seem to indicate the 200m should be the better of his two events. And that’s after a 100m performance that I don’t think can be adequately described in words.

  4. btpratt says:

    Oh, and there is no reason Jamaica should not win the 4×100 going away. He’s going to run down anyone the US throws out there on the anchor, especially because Gay is just not right with the hammy. Plus, with the pressure off and attention diverted to Bolt’s greatness, Asafa Powell might actually perform (refer to Michael Johnson’s frequent demolitions in print of Powell’s mental toughness). Add Frater, a 100m finalist as well, and I just don’t think anyone has the firepower to match up with Jamaica, even if Bolt was just regularly great instead of occupying whatever higher plane he’s currently on. I kinda wish they’d toss him in the 4×4, at this point a 42.xx wouldn’t even surprise me.

  5. btpratt says:

    Hmm, looks like he was a little more interested in the 200m record.

  6. mao says:

    Wow, just saw that online. Unbelievable. I can’t wait until it comes on at 10pm tonight, or whenever NBC puts it on, haha.

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