A Head Examination

Ok, so it’s about the time of year again for me to extoll the virtues of certain college football helmets over all others. You’ll notice quickly that I prefer simplicity to over-design or cartoons. With a decent sample size of the new looks and the old stalwarts, here are some of the best helmets out there this season:

The ones you know:
Penn State
Notre Dame

Some you might not think of:
Virginia (throwback against Richmond)
BYU (So much better than these from earlier this decade)
Iowa (I especially love the huge uni numbers on the back)
Minnesota (Always loved this one. The pic is Marion Barber)
Wyoming (They have awful uniforms but the cowboy silhouette has always intrigue me)
Fresno State (Not because of the cartoon Bulldog but because of the Green V on the back representing the San Joaquin Valley)
Vanderbilt (Smart school, smart look)

And here are some of the worst:

Temple (Only thing worse than script writing across a helmet is regular writing. Reminds me of this)
Florida Atlantic (though I do actually like their unis)
LSU (I hate the Tiger face, too detailed for a helmet)
Oregon (Though I actually really like the white and green ones)

Anything I’m leaving out? I purposefully did not include 1-AA so Georgia Southern didn’t make the list, but that is quite a nice piece of headgear.


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