Super Lame

BossI would consider myself a fan of Bruce Springsteen. There aren’t many albums out there better than Born to Run. But as Super Bowl half-time show?

The Boss is simply the next in line of a group of aging, mostly irrelevant rockers to serve as entertainment during the most-watched sporting event in America. From the Rolling Stones, U2, Tom Petty and Prince, the Super Bowl and NFL have reached into the past for their show. The reason for this is of course obvious. But who actually finds rock stars decades after their prime interesting on tv? I think The Boss would be pretty cool to see if I were actually at the Super Bowl (though not as one of those dopey groupies they stick down on the field to hold lighters and jump up and down). But on tv? Mick Jagger exposed us to his bare midriff and super tight pants a few years ago which was far more disturbing than seeing one second of Janet Jackson‘s partially covered up breast.

And now that I think of it, why is there a concert at half-time anyway? Isn’t it way more interesting to see a good marching band perform at half or better yet, do nothing at all? Most people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, not the programming. And most of the rest just want to see the game. I wouldn’t care if there was never again a half-time show, like it used to be before 1988. I wasn’t old enough to see Chubby Checker in San Diego, but I do remember Michael Jackson at the Rose Bowl in 1993. That was cool, but it was far less interesting than the game.

I understand the networks want to get as large an audience as possible, but really, they’re making so much money from selling ad spots at this point does it even matter anymore how many viewers they’re getting?


4 Responses to Super Lame

  1. bwright08 says:

    Agreed. But I think we can all agree that a Who halftime show, while meeting all the above criteria, would still rock because the Who can still rock the shite out of any venue (see Concert for New York).

  2. mao says:

    Haha, can’t argue with that. But don’t you think it’d mostly only be great for those in attendance and not as much for the 148 million people watching on tv?

  3. bwright08 says:

    No. The Who are the only band who can transcend the restraints of television. They will rock America.

  4. Rustythelee says:

    You say The Who. I say “The Who?” (Get it? Get it?!?!)

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