Spurs in Group D

uefaEurope’s worst domestic side drew Group D in the UEFA Cup following their narrow escape of Wisla Krakow last week. Spurs will open the campaign away to Udinese on Oct. 23 followed by a home tie to Dinamo on November 6.

Group D:
Spartak Moscow (Russia)
Udinese (Italy)
Dinamo Zagerb (Croatia)
NEC Nijmegen (Holland)

Other English clubs in the UEFA Cup group stage are Man City (A), Pompey (E) and Aston Villa (F).


3 Responses to Spurs in Group D

  1. Trey says:

    Spurs have to get out of that group right? I mean the only one I’ve ever heard of is Dinamo Zagerb and that’s only because they are one of the multiple ‘Dynamo’ teams world wide. I don’t think Spartak Moscow is even the best team in Moskow. I’ve never even heard of the city of Nijmegen and I thought I was aware of most of the Italian teams, but I’ve never come across Udinese. Where in Italy is Udinese?

    So Tottenham has to make it out of that group right?

  2. mao says:

    Udinese is in Udine, Italy, haha. They were seventh in Serie A last year. I honestly didn’t know NEC was any good at all though I’ve heard of them via the FIFA video game. Spartak Moscow were pretty good last year though their best player, Roman Pavlyuchenko, who you probably remember from Euro 2008, just signed with Spurs, ironically.

    If Spurs keep playing better in Europe than in England they have a shot. But if they come anywhere close to how absolutely dogshit they are domestically, they will have a hard time finding points against those clubs. None of them are amazing but they’re all pretty quality.

  3. btpratt says:

    Spartak Moscow are notably and hilariously nicknamed Meat, dating to their ownership by the collective farms. Feel free to create your own meat beating jokes.

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