Premiership Predictions – Week 8


It’s been two weeks since the lads of the Premier League have take the pitch for their club sides with World Cup 2010 qualifying both last weekend and mid-week. In Week 7, I very nearly had Man City through against Liverpool before the Torres/Kuyt explosion gave the Reds the victory. I also lost out on Spurs, again. This week I’m going against Spurs for the first time (save the Chelsea match). Perhaps this reverse-jinx will do Spurs some good.

Chelsea @ Middlesbrough – Chelsea
Everton @ Arsenal – Arsenal
Portsmouth @ Aston Villa – Villa
Wigan @ Liverpool – Liverpool
Blackburn @ Bolton – Blackburn
Sunderland @ Fulham – Sunderland
West Brom @ Man United – Man United

West Ham @ Hull City – Hull City
Tottenham @ Stoke City – Stoke City

Man City @ Newcastle – Man City

Results thus far:
Week 1 – 19 points
Week 2 – 16 points
Week 3 – 12 points
Week 4 – 13 points
Week 5 – 13 points
Week 6 – 27 points
Week 7 – 14 points


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