NFL Picks – Week 11


So I continue to be an idiot and forgot again that there was a Thursday night game. You know, this wouldn’t happen if everyone in the world just got the NFL Network. Anyway, I would’ve picked the Patriots to win at home so I’ll honestly keep myself a point down. And to compound the problem, I just realized that I didn’t even bother to write down, let alone predict a winner of the San Diego-Kansas City or the Philadelphia-New York games from last week. I say again, I am an idiot.

Jets @ Patriots – New England

Broncos @ Falcons – Atlanta
Vikings @ Buccaneers – Tampa
Saints @ Chiefs – Kansas City
Bears @ Packers – Green Bay
Eagles @ Bengals – Philadelphia
Lions @ Panthers – Carolina
Texans @ Colts – Indianapolis
Raiders @ Dolphins – Miami
Ravens @ Giants – Baltimore
Cardinals @ Seahawks – Arizona
Rams @ 49ers – San Francisco
Cowboys @ Redskins – Dallas

Browns @ Bills – Buffalo

Results thus far:
Week 1 – 12
Week 2 – 7
Week 3 – 10
Week 4 – 6
Week 5 – 8
Week 6 – 9
Week 7 – 10
Week 8 – 6
Week 9 – 11
Week 10 – 8


2 Responses to NFL Picks – Week 11

  1. Ryan says:

    Not a lot of great matchups this week, but a Skins win over the Cowboys and it’s basically over for T.O and company

  2. mao says:

    Can’t argue with that. I’m a big fan of the ‘Skins so I’m really hoping they can sweep the Cowboys for the season but with Romo coming back and Portis probably not playing I can’t honestly pick the Redskins to win. But God I hope they do.

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