Georgia Tech is Going to be Really Good Again Soon

gtThis has been kind of an up-and-down season for Georgia Tech football. The team is obviously good but there have been a handful of stumbles along the way. Nothing surprising considering they have a new coach who has installed a total throwback offense despite the existing personnel. Instead of breaking in his system over time, Paul Johnson just dove right in and has actually had some really nice results.

Perhaps the best result was last night’s destruction of Miami, 41-23 in Atlanta. The Yellow Jackets rushed for 472 yards. Let me repeat that, Georgia Tech RUSHED for 472 yards. That is a video game number where you’re trying to get your running back to win the MVP. But with Johnson’s triple-option offense, the ball carrier is changed on almost every play and the yards just start adding up.

What’s most amazing about this kind of an offensive explosion is that Johnson has not recruited a single player on the current roster. These kids are just adapting to a system they’ve probably never played in before and probably their dads never even played in. The scary thing about the future is that once Johnson is able to recruit the kind of players that actually fit into his system, Georgia Tech is going to be really good again. Just look at Johnson’s track record: multiple national titles at Georgia Southern in I-AA using the same offense and then great success at Navy, where you really can’t recruit at all, with the triple-option.

Not since Joe Hamilton was running around has Georgia Tech been really good on a national level and really not since 1990, when they shared the national title with Colorado, has Tech really been top-notch great. We’ll see what happens over the next few years but with an offense that is impossible to stop, things are looking up in Atlanta.


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