Heisman Finalists


The three Heisman Trophy finalists have been announced and I guess it’s safe to say there’s no surprise. Well, maybe one. I thought that Graham Harrell of Texas Tech would at least get the courtesy invite. You know, the guy we all know isn’t going to win but gets invited because he had an amazing year. But instead, Harrell was left out and the three finalists who will go to New York are: Tim Tebow (Florida), Colt McCoy (Texas) and Sam Bradford (Oklahoma).

This really is an interesting list. In my opinion, Bradford is the favorite but only with the help of Tebow, in two ways. Tebow won the Heisman last year as a sophomore, which was the first time that had ever happened. Bradford is a sophomore this year but without the precedent from just last year, he likely wouldn’t be the favorite. The other reason he’s the favorite, at least in my opinion, is that the chances of someone, even of Tebow’s stature and national prominence, winning the award two years in a row is extremely unlikely. It’s only been done once before with Archie Griffin of Ohio State in the mid-70s. Tebow is unarguably a better college player than Griffin ever was but for some reason that back-to-back scenario has been more or less off limits for the past thirty years. All that is to say that even though Tebow is probably worthy of strong consideration, he probably won’t win it simply because he did last year.

I think Colt McCoy has had a really good season but I think he ends up third. Maybe if the Big 12 South tiebreakers were different and it was Texas that destroyed Missouri in the Big 12 title game and McCoy going on to the national championship game, he’d have a much better chance. But since that didn’t happen, he’s resigned to third place.


3 Responses to Heisman Finalists

  1. yojoe says:

    Why only three this year? It seems that in past years there were more finalist invited.

  2. mao says:

    Yeah, it’s just up to the folks who do the inviting to invite however many they want each year. In 2001 there were six (all QB’s actually) but other years there have only been three. Usually it just depends on how many really viable options there are which usually results in three or four. But this year they totally left out Harrell for really no good reason. He wouldn’t have won it anyway but it’s odd that they wouldn’t even give him the chance to go.

  3. […] It’s one of the few accomplishments that will stick with you for literally the rest of your life. Sam Bradford, Heisman Trophy winner in 2008. And he definitely deserved it. And perhaps more importantly, I called it. […]

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