2008 Year in Review

ad3I know it’s kind of lame to do this as everyone else on earth is doing the same thing. But since we started this blog within this calendar year, I thought it’d be cool to just see how far things have come from the first filings on The AD Hall 1.0. So here’s a kind of exhaustive list of some of our better posts and milestones:

Billy Packer’s Last Game – April 8

Questioning ‘Outs’ – April 25

Reaction to My Trip to Germany – May 29

Sam Wyche: Pickens County Council District 3 – June 11

Euro 2008’s Heidi Game – June 25

MLS Reconstruction: Our Most Hated Post – July 22

Josh Childress: The First WordPress Post – July 23

Usain Bolt Breaks the 100m World Record – August 20

Reggie Love, Barack Obama’s Body Man – August 22

Allianz and the Nazi Double Standard – September 23

The Best Review of the Worst Sports Book – October 2

Texas Tech-Texas: One for the Ages – November 2

Introduction of The Procrastinator – November 8

A Few Words About Rodney Rogers – December 5

The New-Look Procrastinator Comes Out – December 19


2 Responses to 2008 Year in Review

  1. Trey says:

    Why is it that MLS posts always draw the most criticism? I could spend 2,000 words destroying the NFL for crushing the players union or write about how the Bud Selig is a complete idiot and no one would say anything.

    But if you or I so much as question the workings of the MLS, we get hit with anonymous comments calling us idiots. Too bad those commenters can’t sell out their teams’ stadiums.

  2. mao says:

    Yeah, I think people are just so brainwashed by the NFL and so romanticized by the history of baseball that they just don’t get riled up like the relatively new to the scene American soccer fans do. I feel like big fans of MLS are trying really really hard to be taken seriously and have to respond extremely loudly at every perceived attack on the league.

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