Mark Sanchez is No Dummy


I can promise right now that this will not turn into an NFL draft blog but I thought this was interesting. Mark Sanchez will be leaving Southern Cal for the NFL after his junior year. And why the hell not? No Tebow, no Bradford and no McCoy to contend with in early rounds. Only Matt Stafford will be in competition with Sanchez as the first quarterback to be selected and the reality is that with the cannon of an arm he has, Stafford was going to be ahead anyway. So Sanchez goes from being at best the fourth or fifth QB taken in this draft to probably the second. Smart move. Especially since there seems to be no way, outside of an undefeated season, for Southern Cal to be in the national title picture next year. With power teams coming back in the SEC and Big 12, the PAC 10 will be viewed as too soft (rightly or wrongly).

Anyway, like I said, there won’t be too much more on the NFL draft here but I thought it worth mentioning.


2 Responses to Mark Sanchez is No Dummy

  1. Ryan says:

    From what I’m hearing it is a stoopid move.

    Offensively, this draft is turning out to be puny.

  2. mao says:

    It may be a dumb move because he’s not all that great, but he’s still going to be ranked higher as a QB than almost anyone else out there. And since Tebow, Bradford and McCoy would have all been ahead of him, he’s going to get paid. I guess that was my point, from a monetary standpoint, he’s going to get his.

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