The Worst Sports Week of the Year

This is it, right now. Sure there are some good college basketball games going on but with the NFL on its ridiculous week off, the NBA not even to its All-Star break and still in the early rounds of the Australian Open, nothing is really happening of major consequence.

The biggest culprit in this is clearly the NFL. I don’t remember exactly when they started it, maybe five years ago, but the two weeks between the league championship games and the Super Bowl is just awful. Next year they’re going to stick the Pro Bowl in this week and have it at the site of the Super Bowl (Miami again) to try and gain some interest both from fans and the players in the Pro Bowl. But I don’t know if that’ll really make any difference for the fans. More of the players are likely to attend but still, who cares about the Pro Bowl. And do teams really need two weeks to figure each other out? They’ve spent the whole season having one week or less to prepare for games, why the extra time. More often than not the teams come out rusty and out of sync, having only lightly practiced for two full weeks. It makes sense on the injury front, get as many healthy players for the most important game of the year. But really, it’s a killer for fans.

Anyway, I won’t make my Super Bowl prediction until next week. Might as well spend a few more days convincing myself of one side or the other. Maybe that’s what the extra week is for, giving more people more time to put wagers on the game. Since that is after all, the most influential part of the NFL anyway.


2 Responses to The Worst Sports Week of the Year

  1. bwright08 says:

    Come on dude, you know that ESPN really needs a full two weeks to break down every single conceivably inconsequential detail of the game

  2. mao says:

    Yeah, no kidding. It’s awful. One of the best things I’ve ever done was selling our tv that was in the living room. Now I never have anything on so I never see those stupid shows all day anymore.

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