This Isn’t Right

The main headline and story on several moments ago was a new study released showing the results of multiple concussions on now-deceased NFL players. The story also talks about still-living former players who have gone through depression, sleep depravation and other problems due to the traumatic injuries to their brains while playing in the NFL. Clearly this is a sports story.

It would stand to reason that a story that important and that explosive would reach the front headlines of every major sports website out there. One would think anyway: – sidebar headline – main story and two other headlines are about the Super Bowl (note: is operated by CNN) – no headline at all – main story is about the Super Bowl
CBS Sports Line – no headline at all – main story and four other headlines about the Super Bowl
Yahoo Sports – no headline at all – main story and six other headlines about the Super Bowl
Fox Sports – no headline at all – main story and one other headline about the Super Bowl
NBC Sports (who will be airing the Super Bowl) – no headline at all – main story and four other headlines about the Super Bowl

I’m not suggesting collusion but it’s shocking that this kind of story gets absolutely no coverage while there are multiple different stories about the Super Bowl on every single site. I’d be willing to bet that searches concerning gambling odds on everything from the final score to who will win the opening coin flip (can it really be anything other than 50/50?) are easier to find than this story.

I don’t know what it will take for people to take this subject seriously. I know that I probably had a handful of concussions while playing football and that was just through the high school level. The worst two hits I ever took were in practice and one of which was from a guy on my own side of the ball! Maybe if someone like Brett Favre were to die at 45 due to traumatic brain injuries it would shake up the NFL like when Kory Stringer died eight years ago. I hope it doesn’t come to that but it might be the only thing that could actually get the public’s attention.


2 Responses to This Isn’t Right

  1. Ryan says:

    There’s something not right about that. It’s concerning for sure. Again an example of the media deciding what to think about (or in this case what to not think about).

  2. mao says:

    Yeah, and I really think there’s more to it than just media coverage. I think the NFL itself is building walls in places so outside sources can’t look in. It’s shameful really.

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