The Rustonian Podcast – AD nauseum

micWe’re back with another edition of the AD Hall podcast. I’ve got to come up with a better name for it, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Also I need to come up with a better introduction section. Each time I remember much later in the conversation that everyone else doesn’t know these guys as well as I do and might want some background info.

Update – Thankfully Rusty has rescued the unnamed podcasts for this blog from their anonymity, or at least their lack of a good name, and provided one seen above – AD nauseum. Perfect.

All that said, this was a great conversation with Rusty about sports and their impact in New Orleans, some politics centered around Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, NFL football and free agency in general, the merits and intrigue that is poker and we almost start up on baseball. You’ll have to excuse two major screw ups with the audio, once at around the 17 minute mark and the other at the end, where Rusty’s connection died.

Anyway, it’s an hour and twenty-four minutes of back-and-forth chatting. Enjoy.


3 Responses to The Rustonian Podcast – AD nauseum

  1. Trey says:

    I don’t know why, but this happened last time. It cuts off after 30 mins. Like that is the end of the bar that comes out when you click play. maybe it’s just me.

  2. mao says:

    That’s really weird. Every time I pull it up it let’s me go through the whole thing. It takes a while to load it all sometimes though. Try it in a different browser…

  3. mao says:

    By the way, has anyone else had any trouble downloading these podcasts?

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