What’s With All the Fro-Hawks?

I’d love to talk more about basketball but I can’t help but wonder if anyone thinks this fro-hawk idea has gone a little too far. You’ve got Antonio Anderson of Memphis (far left) this guy for Maryland (I’m pretty sure it’s Adrian Bowie who used to look like this) and Byron Eaton of Oklahoma State. Are they all really big fans of apl.de.ap or injured Greg Oden?

I know teams have long done weird things with their hair when it comes to playoffs or team unity. Some teams go all-bald and in hockey they all go all-beard. But this is a totally different phenomenon. There are far more players than I’ve pictured, those are just the ones I specifically remembered from the first four days of the tournament. Seriously, does anyone know why this is a fad this year?


One Response to What’s With All the Fro-Hawks?

  1. Ryan says:

    I don’t really know. But I know I don’t like it.

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