Champions League Quarterfinals First Leg Day Two

After yesterday’s draws, two more Champions League matches grace us with their presence this afternoon.

Chelsea @ Liverpool
We’ll start in England where Chelsea will travel to Liverpool in an all-England clash at Anfield Road. Both clubs have been playing well lately and are currently third and second place in England. This is the fifth consecutive year that these two clubs will meet in a knock-out round of the Champions League. Last season of course Chelsea won in the semi-finals and advanced to Moscow where they would lose to Manchester United. Liverpool had won previously in semi-finals including 2005 when they defeated AC Milan in Istanbul.

So what of this match? In each of the past two years the home side in the first leg has been at a disadvantage, allowing away goals and eventually losing on aggregate in the second leg. So can Chelsea get on the scoreboard more than once at Anfield, even if they don’t win the match? Odds are yes. Liverpool are a strong side but they won’t be able to give the home fans a clean sheet and thus put themselves in jeopardy for the second leg.

Prediction: Liverpool 2 – Chelsea 2

Bayern Munich @ Barcelona
The other quarterfinal today is an odd case. Bayern unmercifully thrashed Sporting Lisbon in the last round and were hailed as favorites to win the cup. But a very poor run of form lately in Germany have seen Bayern fall off the pace near the top of the Bundelisga, including a 5-1 destruction at the hands of Wolfsburg just last weekend. Barça have been playing very well and are in firm control of La Liga, having withstood a strong, late challenge from Real Madrid.

With today’s match at the Camp Nou, expect the fireworks to be on display from Barça. Bayern are a strong club for sure but they can’t possibly play as well as they did in the round of sixteen. And however much Liverpool apologists would like to claim, current domestic play does make a big difference in mid-week Champions League matches.

Prediction: Barça 3 – Bayern 1

3 Responses to Champions League Quarterfinals First Leg Day Two

  1. Trey says:

    I have no idea about what will happen in the chelsea v Liverpool game. Obviously I’m pulling for Liverpool but given that these teams seem to meet every year in in the Champions League who knows who will win this round.

    Now I’ve got to disagree with you on the Bayern game. I think Barca is getting old and Bayern is on the rise and super hot lately. Thus, I’ve got to pick bayern over Barca.

    Of course given that Porto tied Man U yesterday who the hell knows. I got off work early, which was just in time to see them give a goal to Rooney. If not for that giant fuck up, Porto could’ve won that game.

  2. mao says:

    Bayern are hot in Champions League but it’s been four weeks since they played a game. And they haven’t been very good domestically since then. At the same time, Barca have been really good in Spain. I feel like it makes less of a difference what you’re doing domestically between the first and second leg of a round. But with fours weeks between, you’re a totally different team than the last time you played in Europe.

    That being said, I could be completely wrong for exactly the reasons you stated.

  3. Trey says:

    Clearly you know what you are talking about and I should just keep my mouth shut. For God’s sake, Barca didn’t even break a sweat against Bayern and Liverpool got bitch slapped after they scored. Essien destroyed Gerrard. Really sad. I hate that damn Ghanain.

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