AD Hall Interview Series, Part 2b

September 19, 2008

micOk, here is Part 2 of our interview with the esteemed Prizz:

AD Hall Interview Series, Part 2a

September 19, 2008

micAfter a really interesting interview the other day, The AD Hall has again ventured into the audio realm to give some background into the reasons why this site started in the first place and the personalities of those involved in its creation and maintenance. Due to some time constraints, partly due to the fact that no one can stand listening to us talk for too long, this is just the first part of this particular interview. The second part will be posted tonight. Enjoy:

AD Hall Interview Series, Part 1

September 18, 2008

micIn the spirit of explaining ourselves and giving an idea of who’s really behind this whole AD Hall idea, we’re putting together a handful of interviews with the contributors and stalwarts of the blog. The first was done last night and can be listened to below. It’s about 45 minutes, which is pretty long, but it’s a good listen.

Two more interviews will be conducted this weekend to complete this series.

So without further adieu, Part 1: