AD nauseum – NCAA’s First Two Rounds

March 23, 2009


This week’s podcast (or at least the first one of this week) deals with what happened in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament over the weekend and my thoughts and projections about what could happen in the games this coming weekend. I hope you’ll check it out and as always, leave whatever feedback you might have. This one is a lot shorter too, just 22 minutes, so it should actually be digestible.

AD nauseum – NCAA Tournament Edition

March 18, 2009

podcastWith the NCAA tournament starting officially tomorrow around noon, I wanted to get my thoughts out there in the ether for everyone to criticize. Just remember, when you’re laughing at all my picks, I’m the only person you know personally who is airing out every single pick for all to see (or I guess hear). With that said, I hope you’ll listen to my thoughts on the sixty-three NCAA games coming over the next few weeks. I mentioned at the end of the podcast that I’ll be running another one of these on each of the next two Mondays after the full weekends of games, so tune in for those. Otherwise, enjoy.


AD nauseum – Flying Solo

March 8, 2009

micSo I took my own advice and did a solo version of AD nauseum this evening. It’s not quite 30 minutes and yes, it’s just me talking. I cover a few things including today’s North Carolina-Duke basketball game, the World Baseball Classic, David Beckham and Terrell Owens. I hope this doesn’t remind you of ESPN at all. If it does, please let me know and I’ll immediately quit.

AD nauseum

March 7, 2009

Ok everyone, here’s some multi-media for you. I’m going to start doing AD nauseum podcasts twice per week. I’d like to do a conversation in at least one of those but then I’d like to do another one with just myself, though much shorter. What I want to do is have questions (or comments) sent up to the blog or to my email and then address those different points ‘on the air.’ So my request here is to give me some things to talk about for my first one. I’ll do it as soon as I get a few topics from everyone, maybe even as early as tomorrow.

So take the comment space below and give me a few things to address. They can be sports or not, though I’d generally prefer sports to be the center of the discussion.


AD nauseum – A Chat with Brad

March 5, 2009

micAfter the rousing success that was our podcast with Rusty earlier this week, we though it’d be prudent to take advantage of the ground swell of support for such endeavors by bringing you all another edition of AD nauseum. This time around we’ve got our good buddy Brad.

We spend some time chatting about Brad’s beloved Cubbies and their prospects for this year as well as his impending departure for five to six months of hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Several moments were devoted to the political scene in Washington DC and we finished off with a few thoughts on Rush Limbaugh. Hope you’ll enjoy our chat. It’ll be the last for Brad for quite some time, so please, cherish his voice.

As for AD nauseum, if you’d like to come on the podcast, let me know and we can set it up.

The Rustonian Podcast – AD nauseum

March 4, 2009

micWe’re back with another edition of the AD Hall podcast. I’ve got to come up with a better name for it, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Also I need to come up with a better introduction section. Each time I remember much later in the conversation that everyone else doesn’t know these guys as well as I do and might want some background info.

Update – Thankfully Rusty has rescued the unnamed podcasts for this blog from their anonymity, or at least their lack of a good name, and provided one seen above – AD nauseum. Perfect.

All that said, this was a great conversation with Rusty about sports and their impact in New Orleans, some politics centered around Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, NFL football and free agency in general, the merits and intrigue that is poker and we almost start up on baseball. You’ll have to excuse two major screw ups with the audio, once at around the 17 minute mark and the other at the end, where Rusty’s connection died.

Anyway, it’s an hour and twenty-four minutes of back-and-forth chatting. Enjoy.

The Return of Podcasts

February 23, 2009

micAfter many moons of not hearing my voice on here, I’m happy to bring back The AD Hall’s podcasting. This is the first of what I hope will be a much more frequent occurrence as I really enjoy doing them and I think it’s cool to add something a little more multi media to the blog.

So, here’s me and Prizz chatting about Atlanta sports, the Premiership and Mister Lady jeans. We cover a pretty wide range of topics and yes, it goes on for about an hour. So bear with us as we slowly make these a little more concrete and enjoy the chatter. And if you have any interest in being on the podcast, let me know. It’s super easy and pretty fun.